Ninth International Conference on

Software and Emerging Technologies for Education, Culture, Entertainment, and Commerce ( SETECEC 2020 ):

New Directions in Multimedia Mobile Computing, Social Networks, Human-Computer Interaction and Communicability

:: Venice Italy ::

March 10 – 13, 2020


AInCI: International Association of Interactive Communication

ALAIPO: Latin Association of HCI

::. BBK .::
Birkbeck University of London

::. CNR - IMM .::
National Research Council

::. FUN .::
Future University Hakodate

::. HAN .::
HAN University of Applied Sciences
the Netherlands

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak

::. ITB .::
Institute of Technology Bandung

Kettering University

::. LEEDS .::
University of Leeds

::. METU .::
Middle East Technical University

::. MJU .::
Myongji University
South Korea

::. MSU .::
Moscow State University

::. NHU .::
Nanhua University

::. NNU .::
National United University

::. NYU .::
New York University

::. OU .::
Open University of the Netherlands
the Netherlands

::. POLSL .::
Politechnika Slaska University

::. PURDUE .::
Purdue University

::. TSINGHUA .::
Tsinghua University

::. U-AIZU .::
University of Aizu

::. UB .::
"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău

::. UBA .::
University of Buenos Aires

::. UCC .::
University College Cork

::. UCM .::
Complutense University

::. UCR .::
University of Costa Rica
Costa Rica

::. UFPE .::
Federal University of Pernambuco

::. UHK .::
University of Hong Kong

::. UIOWA .::
University of Iowa

::. UM .::
University of Malta

::. UMD .::
University of Michigan-Dearborn

::. UNC .::
National University of Córdoba

::. UNCU .::
National University of Cuyo

::. UNIBO .::
University of Bologna

::. UNIGE .::
University of Genoa

::. UNILJ .::
University of Ljubljana

::. UNJU .::
National University of Jujuy

::. UNIMOL .::
University of Molise

::. UNIMIB .::
University of Milano–Bicocca

::. UNIVE .::
Ca' Foscari University of Venice

::. UofO .::
University of Ottawa

::. UOI .::
University of Ioannina

::. UPR .::
University of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

::. US .::
University of Sevilla

::. USC .::
University of Southern California

::. UNTREF .::
National University of 3 de Febrero

::. UWI .::
University of the West Indies

::. VMMI .::
Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute
the Netherlands

::. VUA .::
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
the Netherlands

::. WSU .::
Wayne State University




The 9th International Conference on “Software and Emerging Technologies for Education, Culture, Entertainment, and Commerce (SETECEC 2020): New Directions in Multimedia Mobile Computing, Social Networks, Human-Computer Interaction and Communicability” is a scientific meeting for discussing the latest advances in the emerging areas of computer sciences and technologies for education, cultural and natural heritage, virtual entertaiment and digital commerce, for instance.

Many conferences are focussed on specific aspects of human-computer interaction, hypermedia, computer science, etc. and bring together leading experts in a particular field or sometimes on a specific technology. At such large conferences students are often marginalized or relegated to poster sessions. The conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc., are not a big scale and aim to promote dialogue between established professors and graduate students working on new directions. Hence topics from the whole range of human-computer interaction, multimedia, software, design, etc. are welcomed. Last year’s symposia, workshops, conferences, etc., organized by ALAIPO and AInCI, for instance, included papers on the topics (see below the alphabetical order). An extensive listing connotes and reflects the requirement and also skill necessary to find intersection zones of the disciplines among the different domains, fields, and specialities; which at the same time potentially boosts and merges the formerly different scientific views.

All contributions –papers, workshops, demos and doctoral consortium, should be of high quality, originality, clarity, significance and impact. In the current international conference it is demonstrated how with a correct integration among professionals of formal and factual sciences interesting research lines in the following subjects Augmented Reality and Inmersive Multimedia, Computer Arts and Creativity, Computer Graphics, Communicability, Cross-Cultural Design and Content for the Aged Population, Cultural Modeling, Design, Education, Emerging Interactive Technologies, Environment and UX, HCI, Hypermedia Systems and Gaming, Interaction, Design, Mobile Computing, New Media, Quality Evaluation, Network Security, Social and Human Factors, Software Engineering, and other computational areas are solicited on, but not limited to (alphabetical order):

.:. 3D Visualization
.:. Artificial Intelligence
.:. Augmented Reality
.:. Brain-Computer Interfaces
.:. Business Intelligence Technology
.:. Children-Computer Interaction
.:. Cloud Computing
.:. Collaborative Technologies
.:. Communicability
.:. Computational Archaeology
.:. Computational Challenges in E-commerce
.:. Computer Aided Design
.:. Computer Animation
.:. Computer Games Design
.:. Creative Open Software
.:. Cross-Cultural Design
.:. Cultural Heritage
.:. Cyber Attacks and Cyberbullying
.:. Cyberculture
.:. Data Mining
.:. Design and Cognitive Computing
.:. Design for Mobile Device
.:. Digital Contents for Educational Systems
.:. Distance Learning
.:. Dynamic and Static Media for Interactive Systems
.:. Education and Virtual Agents
.:. Educational Methodologies
.:. Ergonomics
.:. Games Design
.:. Graphical User Interfaces
.:. Green Computing
.:. Hand-Gesture Applications
.:. High Education: Methologies for Quality Assessment
.:. Human and Social Factors
.:. Human-Computer Interaction
.:. Intelligent Systems
.:. Interaction Design
.:. Interactive Immersion in 3D Graphics
.:. Learning Management System
.:. Machine Learning
.:. Marketing and Commerce Online
.:. Mining for Computing Works
.:. Mixed Reality
.:. Mobile Displays and Design
.:. Motion Graphics
.:. Nanotechnology and Computer Science
.:. New Mass Media
.:. Online Marketing and Commerce
.:. Ontology in Computer Science
.:. Open Educational Resources
.:. Organic User Interfaces
.:. Parallel Programming
.:. Quantum Computing
.:. Scientific Visualization
.:. Sharing Learning
.:. Smart Business Networks
.:. Social Computing and Cultural Modeling
.:. Software and Hardware Security
.:. Software Engineering
.:. Software Quality Analysis
.:. Techniques and Methods for Evaluation of the Interactive Systems
.:. Technologies for Multimedia Mobile Computing
.:. Technology Transfer
.:. Tools for Online Education
.:. Ubiquitous Computing
.:. Usability Engineering
.:. Users and Adaptive Interfaces
.:. Videogame Technologies
.:. Visual Effects and Computer Graphics
.:. Web 3.0

9th International Conference on Software and Emerging Technologies for Education, Culture, Entertainment, and Commerce ( SETECEC 2020 ) :: Venice, Italy :: March, 10 - 13, 2020

Ninth International Conference on Software and Emerging Technologies for Education, Culture, Entertainment, and Commerce (SETECEC 2020) :: Venice, Italy :: March, 10 - 13, 2020

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