Workshop International

Communicability Design and Evaluation in

Cultural and Ecological Multimedia Systems

(Communicability MS2008)

Being organized in the context of ACM Multimedia ’08

Vancouver (BC) CANADA ::: October 27 - November 1


Museum of Anthropology
Museum of Anthropology



October 31, 2008

8:30 Registration

9:00 Presentation and Welcome Message

9:15 Coffee Break

9:45 Keynote Address

Session Chair: Francisco V. C. Ficarra, PhD (HCI Lab, ALAIPO and AINCI)


Session 1: Communicability: Past, Present and Future

Session Chair: Miguel C. Ficarra, PhD (AINCI)

  • "Communicability Design and Evaluation in Cultural and Ecological Multimedia Systems". Cipolla Ficarra, F. (HCI Lab., ALAIPO and AINCI).
  • "Web 3.0: A Vision for Bridging the Gap between Real and Virtual". Silva-Salmerón, J., Rahman, M., El Saddik, A. (University of Ottawa, Canada).
  • "Realism and Cultural Layout in Tourism and Video Games Multimedia Systems". Cipolla Ficarra, F. (HCI Lab., ALAIPO and AINCI), Cipolla Ficarra, M. (AINCI and ALFACIS) and Harder, T. (ALAIPO and Contract Design, Japan)

10:45 :: 11:00 Coffee Break


Session 2: Cultural and Natural Heritage: Examples

Session Chair: Juan M. Silva, PhD (University of Ottawa)

  • "Multicultural Videos: An Interactive Online Museum Based On An International Artistic Video Database". Mora-Fernández, J. (University of Southern California, USA).
  • "Analyzing e-Governance Mainstays on Municipalities Websites". Giulianelli, D., Larrosa, M., Marko, I., Rodríguez, R., Trigueros, A., Vera, P. (National University of La Matanza, Argentina).
  • "Quality of Service (QoS) of Voice over MAC Protocol 802.11 using NS-2". Dileep, K., Yeonseung, R., Hyksoo, J. (Myongji University, South Korea).

12:00 :: 13:30 Lunch

13:30 :: 13:45 Coffee Break


Demos - Special Session: Communication Visual, Design and Media Arts

  • Invited talk: Prof. Andreas Kratky
  • Tittle: The Imaginary 20th Century: Re-Constructing Imagination :: ABSTRACT ::
  • Affiliation: USC Interactive Media Departament (University of Southern California, USA)

15:15 :: 15:45 Coffee Break


Session 3: Conclusions and Future Works: Round Table

Session Chairs: Jorge Mora Fernández, PhD (University of Southern California) and Prof. Daniel Giulianelli (National University of La Matanza)

16:45 Final Remarks


The works will be exhibited in the order that will presently be put forward, followed by small pauses for discussion. In each one of the pauses typical products of the geographic area will be tasted, accompanied with coffee or tea. At the end of all the exhibits a round table will take place.

At the opening and the closing of the workshop the attendance of field professionals is expected, whose names will be released in due time on our websites –section "News" , before the beginning of the current workshop. Also on these pages the eventual eleventh-hour changes to the current exhibits workshop will be announced.

ACM Multimedia 2008 - Vancouver (BC) Canada - October 27 - November 1 

Communicability MS2008

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