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First International Workshop

Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage (HCITOCH 2010):

Strategies for a Creative Future with Computer Science, Quality Design and Communicability

:: Brescello (RE) Emilia Romagna Region, Italy ::

September 7 – 8, 2010




Introduction and Topics, Deadlines and Program Committee

1. Introduction and Topics

One of the key elements in the evolution of human kind has been creativity. Creativity is a term that is associated with the originality of solutions in the face of some given problems, which have led the scientific community to accumulate a series of discoveries and inventions along time which have revolutionized the daily coexistence of human beings.

The new technologies offer us a series of instruments to develop the potential of human beings with the goal of increasing the quality of life of millions of users of interactive systems in our global village. The relation of the triad computer science, quality design and communicability has proven very productive in the new millennium.

In the current era of qualitative communication, the present virtual space is intended to be a meeting point of all those who freely wish to boost and perfect the set of strategies and techniques to improve the human-computer interaction, tourism and cultural heritage. The main goal is to facilitate communicability and make the fruition of the new technologies more pleasant.

Our effort focuses on finding the common denominator between the human-computer interaction, cultural heritage and the global village. That is, we address all those who are currently working to increase the quality of life of the human beings through the new technologies and all their derivations, wanting to know the last advances in the factual and formal sciences and that this international workshop can serve as a meeting point to boost the current and future lines of research of the investigators belonging to the university, governmental bodies and the enterprises and industries of the private sector. All contributions should be of high originality, quality, clarity, significance and impact. Papers, demos and doctoral consortium related to Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Quality Design, Communicability, Ubiquitous Computing and other Computational Areas are solicited on, but not limited to:

• Advances in Hypermedia Systems
• Audio-visual Communication and Multimedia
• Blended Learning
• Character and Behaviour Computer Animation
• Cognitive Models and Critical Design
• Communicability
• Computational Graphics
• Computer Aided Education and Teleducation
• Computer Arts
• Computer-Aided Design
• Cross-Cultural and Internationalization of Design
• Database Application Development
• Distributed Computing and Networking
• E-book
• Eco-Design
• E-commerce
• Electronic Presentation, Publishing, and Digital Libraries
• Embedded Computing
• Emerging Technologies
• Ergonomics
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Image Processing: Color Correction, Image Warping, Morphing and Painting
• Indexing and Search of Multimedia Data
• Information Technology and Communication for Regional Development
• Interaction in VR and MR
• Interactive Systems for Cultural and Ecological Heritage
• Maneging Tourism Technology
• Methodologies for Heuristic Evaluation of the Quality
• Multimedia and Tourism
• Online Museum
• Photography and Illustration Digital
• Preservation of Digital Culture
• Quality Attributes and Metrics for Interactive Systems
• Simulation Languages
• Social Networks and Tourism
• Software Quality
• Ubiquitous Computing and Augmented Realities
• Usability Engineering
• Video games
• Virtual Architecture and Hypergraphics
• Virtual Campus and Distance Education
• Virtual Travel Agencies
• Visual Effects and Cinema Digital
• Wireless and Mobile Computer Science

Best regards, 

Francisco V. Cipolla Ficarra (Chair - coordinator)
Emma Nicol (International Secretariat - University of Strathclyde) :: Giuditta Carpi (Local Secretariat - Università degli Studi di Parma)

ALAIPO: Asociación Latina Interacción Persona-Ordenador –Latin Association of HCI ( and AINCI: Asociación Internacional de la Comunicación Interactiva –International Association of Interactive Communication ( Address: Via Pascoli, S. 15 (7) - 24121 (Bergamo) Italy :: c/ Angel Baixeras, 5 - AP 1638 - 08080 (Barcelona), Spain. Email: ::

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2. The events have the following deadlines

Papers Submissions: 06.14.2010 - 11:59  pm  EST,  2010  
Authors Notification: 06.30.2010
Camera-ready, full papers: 07.16.2010 


3. Program Committee:

- Francisco V. Cipolla Ficarra (chair :: coordinator)

- Andreas Kratky (co-chair :: demo session). University of Southern California (USA)
- Mauricio Pérez Jiménez (co-chair :: doctoral consortium). Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)

Honorary Committee:

- Gavriel Salvendy. Purdue University (USA) and Tsinghua University (China)
- Kim H. Veltman. Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute (The Netherlands)

Scientific Committee:

- Abdulmotaleb El Sadik. University of Ottawa (Canada)
- Anne Balsamo. University of Southern California (USA)
- Annie Lau. University of New South Wales (Australia)
- Antonio Rodríguez de la Heras. Universidad Carlos III (Spain)
- Arturo Colorado Castellary. Universidad Complutense (Spain)
- Beatriz Sainz de Abajo. Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
- Claudia Marcos. Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
- Daniela Fogli. Università degli Studi di Brescia (Italy)
- Enrique Rubio Royo. Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain)
- Evelyn Torres Gallardo. Universidad de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
- Fabio Crestani. University of Lugano (Switzerland)
- Farshad Fotouhi. Wayne State University (USA)
- Francis C. M. Lau. Hong Kong University (China)
- Francisco Pérez García. Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
- Georgios Styliaras. University of Ioannina (Greece)
- Gerardo Valeiras Reina. Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
- Germán Ruipérez. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
- Graciela Hadad. Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (Argentina)
- Ignacio Eunuco Aedo Cuevas. Universidad Carlos III (Spain)
- Isidro Moreno Sánchez. Universidad Complutense (Spain)
- Jorge Mora Fernández. University of Southern California (USA)
- José Guerrero Ginel. Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)
- José Pestano Rodríguez. Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)
- José Pino Mejias. Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
- José Zato Recellado. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)
- Juan Hourcade. University of Iowa (USA)
- Juan Silva Salmerón. University of Ottawa (Canada)
- Julian Bleecker. University of Southern California (USA)
- Kaisa Väänänen Vainio Mattila. Tampereen Teknilliren Yliopisto (Finland)
- Klementina Možina. University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
- Manuel Garrido Lora. Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
- Maria Claudia Bossi. IIT - National Research Council (Italy)
- Maribel Sánchez Bonilla. Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)
- Miguel Cipolla Ficarra. Alaipo & Ainci (Italy & Spain)
- Paloma Yira Díaz Pérez. Universidad Carlos III (Spain)
- Peter Stanchev. Kettering University (USA)
- Rafael Pastor Vargas. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
- Rafael Sánchez Montoya. Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)
- Sebastián Dormido Bencomo. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
- Stefano Levi Yiro. Università degli Studi di Roma la Sapienza (Italy)
- Stafford Griffith. University of the West Indies (Jamaica)
- Steve Anderson. University of Southern California (USA)
- Tetsuo Tamai. University of Tokio (Japan)
- Timothy Read. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)
- Valerio Bellandi Fenouil. Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
- Vigneswara Ilavarasan. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India)
- Virginia Guarinos Galán. Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
- William Grosky. University of Michigan-Dearborn (USA)
- Wolter Pieters Tanga. University of Twente (The Netherlands)

International Workshop HCITOCH 2010 - Brescello (RE) Emilia Romagna Region, Italy

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